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Indonesian known have  great textile legacy from the ancestor that influence the world until today. Why? it caused by the accountable value that still enrich the millenials mind. The process of making its textile is always interconnected with water resource which contributes in natural dye process. This legacy has been given to generation to generations. Unfortunately , this rooted value  is  left behind over the Industry imposition.  This  process is considered  as one way to cope natural exploitation, since industrialism has been a major issue .

This cultural manifestation also contains value inside of treatment. It  has features of treatment, garment election and longevity . These values have a same breathe with the so called Slow Fashion movement (a contemporary term). This is also known as a movement that counter Fast Fashion ( a major business model that targeting a quantity of production).

“Ikat/Ecut: The textile industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, according to the World Bank, approximately 20% water pollution comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles.”

Gothe institute also has a concern with this issue. To counter this situation, they initiated to make a program named Ikat/Ecut. Kana was chosen to be the one of their participants. They curate a few  local brands who has slow fashion spirit and consistently doing this action. they believe with doing this kind of embracement could be a knowledge for the society to prevent this issue . This project, exploring the past, present and future of textiles in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand (and Germany). In different sub-projects it is looking at the cultural potency of textiles in many different fields – from the arts to design and from tradition to technology.”