kana natural dyed goods

Our Story

The art of batik, a wax-resist dyeing method, has been practiced for centuries in Indonesia and is an integral part of ethnic life and religious ceremony. This intimate knowledge of the batik process is what makes the Indonesian artists the talented leaders in their field, including Kana as a pioneer for contemporary natural dyed batik. Reflecting way of life for the Indonesian people and it is reflected in the many facets of rural and cultural living. Kana currently employs 4-5 artisans who transform the white base cloth into the spectacular designs and colors for which Kana is known. All of the fabric dyeing is done in our own manufacturing facility in Pamulang, Indonesia which is centered in a suburban area. Men and women of the community perform the management of the plant, as well as all of the production processes. Men perform the stamping of wax onto the fabric, dyeing, washing and drying. The fabric is left out in the fields, where good sunlight is essential to ensure strong color and color fastness. The women are in charge of quality assurance, folding, bolting and packaging of the cloth.